IT Companies - The Benefits of Specialization

17 Jul 2018 10:12

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A tech is a tech" can't be further from the truth. While any good tech can get your network up and secure, it takes a specialist who is familiar with your specific software and hardware needs to deliver support efficiently.

For example, consider a medical or dental office seeking to outsource their IT needs. In this case, the company you choose will need to be HIPAA compliant themselves, and additionally they must deploy procedures to keep your data in compliance. Additionally, in a medical or dental setting, complex hardware and software work together and create a complex database which requires maintenance and management. In this situation, a network technician probably won't have all of the skills and training in place to keep your hardware and software efficiently configured while complying with data restrictions mandated by HIPAA.

Additionally, the network technician may not be familiar with the OS and software tweaks that may be necessary to enforce efficiency in a medical practice.

Another example of a vertical-specific IT company could be found with financial planners, and other companies which have detailed information on their clients. Identity theft is a growing concern, and there are tight regulations on how to hold and deliver this kind of financial and identifying data. managed service company is an important piece, for example. In this case, a medical or dental technician is not going to have the training to comply with the data security required by NIST and other governmental bodies.

Finally, when considering an IT company, choose one that has ongoing support plans. A company with ongoing support in place will warranty not only the equipment that they provide, but also the service. If trouble happens with your installation, or your network becomes slow, your specialized ongoing IT company can take care of it without accruing additional charges. This is the biggest benefit to avoiding a "do-it-yoruself" plan to IT - while you can indeed do it yourself, unexpected problems can occur. When this happens on your time, it can lead to an expensive loss of production. Instead, you can get these services warrantied as to not take your valuable time after a large installation.

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