High End Living in the Sky - Penthouse Condo Units

16 Jul 2018 20:43

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According to the Oxford Dictionary that a penthouse is defined as"a flat on the upper floor of a tall building, usually beautifully fitted and offering nice views." This definition doesn't do justice to those glamorous homes that have programmers competing for building the very best of penthouse living. Attracting the wealthiest of the wealthy, builders scramble to create the best luxury living to adapt the high standards expected from a penthouse unit purchaser.

This however has not always been the situation. In the past the"penthouse" of a construction was considered only to be the residence situated on the top floor of this building. These components weren't always considered to be high end alive and weren't significantly different in the other residential units from the construction. The only exception was that they were the highest unit in the building. Through the years, the term"penthouse" has definitely evolved. Penthouse Condo are now considered to be high end luxury living components onto a high level- but not always the very top floor of the building. Some condo buildings have a couple of floors of penthouse units with all the top floor components currently being referred to as"The Penthouse." Take for example Aura in College Park located in Toronto, Canada.

Once assembled, this building is going to be the tallest residential building in North America. The"penthouse" units for this construction start on the 72nd floor and end on the 74th floor and are composed of multiple components on a single floor. In the past, these would have been contemplated"sub-penthouse" units. "The Penthouse" with this particular building is the entire 75th floor. For those looking to own the tallest penthouse in North America, this could be the ultimate of luxury living. Overall the expression penthouse has evolved through recent years. High rise enthusiasts have more stock to select from and are aware that the expression"penthouse" now refers to high end living and not only the top floor of a structure. Not only are penthouse seekers living in luxury, but they're also above everybody else and basically in a world of their own. Simple place, to live in penthouses or even"The Penthouse" in the world today is simply a new way of living to demonstrate one's greatest victory.

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